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Frequently Asked Questions

I want a custom made Dog Transit Box, what information should I provide you with?2019-01-30T10:28:31+02:00
I want a custom made Dog House, what information should I provide you with?2019-01-30T10:28:38+02:00
How Do I Clean My Dog House/Dog Transit Box?2019-01-30T09:51:55+02:00
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Where can I purchase a Theoprofil Dog House?2019-01-30T10:27:42+02:00
How heavy they are?2019-01-30T10:29:17+02:00
How long does it take to have my order ready?2019-01-30T10:28:03+02:00
Do they rust?2019-03-07T07:10:53+02:00

Our dog houses and dog transit boxes are made of insulated polyurethane panel. They are made of two formed and galvanized metal sheets which additionally is primed before painted. Manufactured by injecting polyurethane foam between two siding.

What size dog house should I purchase?2019-01-30T10:30:18+02:00