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Customization options


We provide a great variety of materials and accessories that you can combine to make the perfect doghouse/dog transit box for you.

Βelow you can see the available options.

Color options

Polyurethane panel

The insulated polyurethane panel used in our dog houses and dog transit boxes is made of two formed and galvanized metal sheets which additionally is primed before painted. Manufactured by injecting polyurethane foam between two siding. Light and seismic construction, excellent thermal insulation. Waterproof and soundproof. Not breakable. Does not fade or rust.

  • Panel formation : Corrugated

  • Paint of plate : Polyester coating (25μm)

  • Panel thickness : 30mm (40mm, 50mm upon request)

  • Foam resistance to compression : @10% συμπίεση : 0.2MPa – DIN 53421

  • Dimension tolerance : 0.4MPa – DIN53455

  • Percentage of closed cells : 95-98 % (ASTM D 285)

  • Polyurethane fire resistance : Class Β3 (DIN 4102)

  • Country of origin : Greece

Trapezoidal polyurethane panel

The trapezoidal panel is made from the same material as the panel used for the dog houses’ walls and shares the same characteristics as well. We use that type of panel as a base for the dog houses to rise the floor from the ground. The shape of the panel helps to avoid the formation of ponds around the house.


All accessories used in our dog houses and dog transit boxes have been carefully selected and tested to provide the optimum in long life and performance.

  • Ventilation louvers: Inox fixed, White fixed, Inox opening

  • Shock absorber on storage lid

  • Inox handlers

  • Possition lights, Cable system, Socet, Traffic reflectors


Door Curtain

Provide a wind barrier while blocking all the outside elements like rain and snow keeping animals warmer and more comfortable while still allowing easy passage. Can be easily cleaned.

  • Material : 2mm thick PVC

  • Color : Clear with a tint of blue

  • Country of origin: Germany

Cladding board

Top quality wood-composite boards for exterior wall cladding. It is mainly used in the field of house construction. When placed on the wall of the house gives the appearance and texture of a wooden house without the disadvantages of the real wood. It is highly durable with extreme resistance against the weathering aspects of rain, snow, frost, high temperature, intense sunlight and UV radiation as well as against other harmful factors which effect natural wood (fungi, insects, rot etc.).

  • Material: 60% pulverized wood and 40% non-toxic HDPE

  • Very low moisture absorption

  • Extreme resistant and long-life

  • Low thermal expansion

  • Sense of wood

  • Country of origin: Greece

Color options

Color options

Composite Decking Board

Top quality wood-composite boards. Can be placed on the floor of the dog house. The cells in the inside prevent the cold from falling inside the house.

  • Material : 60% pulverized wood and 40% non-toxic HDPE

  • Color : Wenge

  • Very low moisture absorption

  • Extreme resistant and long-life

  • Low thermal expansion

  • Sense of wood

  • Waterproof

  • Country of origin: Greece

Non slip plywood

We offer two options of plywood, grey color with melanin film and brown color with phenol film.
Grey: The plywood surface is covered with a melamine film, improving its resistance to adverse weather conditions and sanded.
Brown: Foliated with phenol surface film. This film is used for improving the surface of the plywood. The filmfaced board is highly resistant to mechanical attack, sanding, moisture, water, high temperature and changeable weather conditions.

  • Thickness: 12mm

  • Color: Grey or Brown

  • Waterproof and ease to wash.

  • Country of origin: Poland

Non - Slip Plywood Floor