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Who we are


We are a small family business based in Greece.
Our company was founded in 2003 , specializing in panels, construction of cooling chambers and prefabricated structures. We have
been able to use our well established product lines and expertise in the industry to offer our kennel product line. Our interest in
kennels resulted from our love for our own pets and our desire to offer them quality homes. With over 15 years of experience in the
field and constantly upgrading our products, our main goal is offer safe dog houses globally that will provide pets with a
comfortable living environment all year round and meet your specific needs.

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What makes are houses special


Our houses are designed and built to last your pet’s lifetime.

The materials used provide insulation enabling comfortable shelter for your pet throughout the year.

We custom build your dog house according to your specific requirements.

Our products


Dog houses

Our dog houses comes completely finished ready to use and don’t require further maintenance.

Our polyurethan sandwich panels was designed for superior strength and structural integrity, as well as the highest possible level of moisture, rot, scratch, dent, and insect resistance. As a result, our dog houses resist warping, cracking and splitting than any other dog house. The manufacturer of our polyurethan sandwich panels provides a 10-year warranty when it is used as an exterior siding in residential construction.

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Dog transit boxes

Our dog transit boxes comes completely finished ready to use and don’t require further maintenance.

Our range of products are used, endorsed and recommended by many professional Trainers and hunters. Τhey are made with the same material as our dog houses. They are fully insulated, chew proof and weather proof. Available in three different designs. Require something more specific? Let us design and make a custom box to suit your needs. We can design and built dog transit solutions to your specifications.

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Our customers say


“The perfect dog house for my fury friend”

Konstantina M.

“Would highly recommend this dog house. Very professional work and good quality material. “

Elene P.